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statement relating to english karate
The following two statements has been issued on behalf of the NAKMAS National Management Committee relating to English Karate and the Unification:
06 March 2017
NAKMAS published a Statement in relation to English Karate on the 23 March 2016; this Statement re-clarifies NAKMAS' position in relation to the possible unification of English Karate.

Whilst NAKMAS congratulates those organisations seeking to unify English karate, NAKMAS is of the strong view that Equality/Diversity including strong governance principles, including disability karate, should be the central tenet of any organisation purporting to be a National Governing Body, or at the forefront of any unifications discussions.

NAKMAS was approached originally to enter into unification talks, alongside the English Karate Council and the English Karate Federation. At that time NAKMAS felt that the unification would hinder karateka in England rather than enhance the activity. WKF rules and the possible structure of the new proposed body, mirrored the old English Karate Governing Body (EKGB), and NAKMAS felt that English Karate would suffer as a result.

Clearly, from the latest developments within English Karate, negotiations have moved on. NAKMAS has not been privy to any new developments, and in the absence of information and Sport England addressing NAKMAS' concerns previously, NAKMAS remains an independent National Governing Body for all martial arts, including Karate, practised within the United Kingdom. NAKMAS will continue to support its members, through a tested, accredited and verified infrastructure, that has been accredited and audited by the Equality Standard: A Framework for Sport, as well as the British Standards Institution (BSI).

NAKMAS continues to be a forward thinking National Governing Body, and is currently entering into exciting new developments, in partnership with external National and International partners; these developments will be shared and put into the public domain over the coming months.

06 March 2017

23 March 2016
Since the 1960s, English karate has seen endless governing bodies come and go, and 2016 sees yet another body emerging from the Japanese sunset.

Sport England has identified three English karate bodies that they feel represent and govern the majority of English karate. These being, NAKMAS, EKC (English Karate Council) and the EKF (English Karate Federation).

All three bodies were approached late in 2015 to see if one umbrella body could be created to encompass all three bodies. Each body would govern their own activities but under an umbrella body provisionally called the English Karate Alliance. Meetings took place, separately, with each body and NAKMAS, in principle, agreed to enter into negotiations to form one unified body for English karate.

NAKMAS was asked to provide its expertise in helping create policies and procedures, including Equality Standards and Quality Kitemark standards as well as a welfare policy. It was generally felt that NAKMAS excelled in these key areas of governance.

The EKC would assist in creating a technical board and the EKF provide access to the Olympic participation via the world body, the WKF (World Karate Federation). However, it soon became apparent that both NAKMAS and the EKC would be denied access to Olympics via the new body. Only members of the EKF would have access due to the WKF 21.9 rule (see below) and EKF members could not train, compete or have a relationship to anyone within NAKMAS or the EKC.

The NAKMAS National Management Committee discussed the proposals at length. NAKMAS has subsequently declined to help create a single unified body and it was felt that the new body mirrored the old EKGB (English Karate Governing Body) and would, in effect, operate as a private members club, with access limited to a small chosen elite group.

NAKMAS takes the view that karate, and indeed all martial arts, should be for all, adults, children, abled and disabled; they cannot support any body which prevents people being treated unfairly or unequal. Equality and diversity must be a central tenet to any governing body regardless of the martial art being practised. Indeed the new governing body for English karate would hinder karateka rather then genuinely help their progress.

NAKMAS will continue to operate as a multi styled National Governing Body and will not allow any member or affiliate to be treated unfairly. They will challenge, legally if need be, any person or body that places restrictions upon NAKMAS members. NAKMAS is not a business; it is a not-for-profit body which exists entirely for its members rather than to seek political supremacy or glorification.

23 March 2016
What is Rule 21.9?

"Rule 21.9" forms part of the statutes of the World Karate Federation (WKF) and provides as follows:-

"The WKF expressly prohibits their National Federations, and their components, from the double affiliation with any karate organisation as it may be determined by the WKF Executive Committee to be a dissenting organisation.

National Federations and their members are prohibited from having sporting relationships with these dissenting organisations and with organisations not recognised by the WKF"
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