NAKMAS National Governing Body

Nakmas membership
NAKMAS Membership is open to all martial arts clubs, groups, associations and governing bodies
NAKMAS really is keen to support its key members: Chief Instructors, Secretaries and Welfare Officers, which is why NAKMAS opens itself to external accreditation bodies to ensure we get it right and are annually externally audited to ensure we are fully compliant

Membership, Insurance, Legal Protection, DBS Disclosures and Welfare are some of the key areas of NAKMAS' operation; but most importantly, the support to its key members is crucial, dealing with grass roots issues, help with their club promotion, ensuring affiliates are treated fairly, not only by NAKMAS but also by members of the public, local authorities, government departments and others

NAKMAS protects its members, and we will not tolerate interference or abuse upon them. We are here to support our members, which is a central tenet of NAKMAS' why not consider joining NAKMAS today?
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NAKMAS Guide to Membership via pdf document:
Contact the NAKMAS Head Office:
NAKMAS PO Box 630, Ashford, Kent, TN23 9AQ

Telephone: 01227 370055

Head Office Operating Hours: Monday to Friday: 10am until 2pm

While there is a member of staff or Management available as far as possible, during office hours, there are times when we use an intimate call centre. This is mostly first thing, last thing, at lunchtimes or in times of sickness or leave. If you leave them your name, club code, contact number and a brief message, we will endeavour to return your call as soon as we are available. Alternatively you can drop NAKMAS an email to which we can respond instead.