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What's New? Updated 28 November 2016

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28 Nov
NAKMAS secure area live for all NAKMAS registered welfare officers
NAKMAS is pleased to confirm that the secure area of this site for all NAKMAS registered welfare officers is now live.

Documentation, and essential documents relating to the role of a welfare officer is now accessible via the secure area. Additionally, sensitive information will be shared by NAKMAS to all welfare officers via the secure area to ensure that safety and protection of all children and vulnerable adults.

The secure area for all NAKMAS chief instructors and secretaries is still in progress and NAKMAS expects this secure area to go live within the next two weeks.

To access the secure areas of this website click here
27 Nov
Libby Ellison interviews NAKMAS' Joe Ellis on child abuse and the flaws of the criminal records checking
With the revelations within football this week, NAKMAS' National Chair, Joe Ellis has been on national television, national and local radio talking about child abuse in sport and the flaws in the criminal records checks upon sports coaches.

NAKMAS' Libby Ellison, the press and media officer, interviewed Joe Ellis on the afternoon of Sunday 27 November 2016 to get an update.

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NAKMAS' Dr Sandra Beale-Ellis alongside some NAKMAS children
24 Nov
NAKMAS loses patience over criminal record procedures which puts children at risk
National Chair of The National Association of Karate and Martial Art Schools (NAKMAS), Joe Ellis, is concerned that since the coalition government, changes were made within the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), which are adversely affecting child welfare; a concern brought to the forefront with the recent shock sex abuse scandal by former pro-footballers, supported by the Football Association (FA). Sadly the new government did nothing to improve matters.

"NAKMAS Director of Operations, Dr Sandra Beale-Ellis, said "this newer procedure puts children and young people at risk".

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22 Nov
NAKMAS makes a pledge to #iwill
Making social action part of life for 10-20 year-olds

The #iwill campaign promotes social action among 10-20 year-olds. This includes activities such as campaigning, fund-raising and volunteering, all of which create a double-benefit – to communities and young people themselves. So far more than 500 business, education and voluntary sector partners have committed to embedding social action into the lives of young people.

Click here to see NAKMAS' pledge.

Students demonstrate their fighting skills with sticks during a training session in the ancient Indonesian martial art of "pencak silat" in Jakarta, Indonesia ©Goh Chai Hin (AFP)
22 Nov
Ancient Indonesian martial arts seeks global spotlight
Some fight with machetes three-feet long, others are armed with daggers curved like the claws of big cats, while other combatants rely on only their minds.

This is the world of "pencak silat", or Indonesia's martial arts, which are now battling for greater global recognition -- having secured a place in the Asian Games, the government is now hoping for Olympic glory.

They are held dear by many Indonesians because of historical links with the country's struggle for independence when anti-colonial groups used the martial arts to take on the archipelago's then Dutch rulers in the 20th century.

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David Jenkinson (right) being presented with his 6th Dan NAKMAS National Black Belt certificate by the NAKMAS National Deputy Chair, Gary Smith 7th Dan
07 Nov
NAKMAS black belt grading awards
NAKMAS is pleased to confirm that the following senior NAKMAS members were awarded senior higher black belt awards following audit and assessment of the NAKMAS National Management Committee which met on Monday 7th November 2016 at Eastwell Manor, Ashford, Kent:

William M Gorthy 7th Dan
Ronald Branson 6th Dan
David Jenkinson 6th Dan
Stuart Glister 5th Dan
Robert Sawyer 5th Dan
James McShane 4th Dan

David Jenkinson has been a serving member of the NAKMAS National Management Committee for over 11 years. His 6th Dan reflects the commitment and hard work, not only to NAKMAS, but also to his own karate group known as the Northern Karate Association; a shotokan based association that has several hundred members.

To view the full NAKMAS National Register of Qualified Black Belts visit
Jackie Chan with Jaden Smith in the Karate Kid
19 Aug
NAKMAS feature: Benefits of Martial Arts for Children
Are you a fitness enthusiast?
Are you keen to initiate your child into martial arts?

Well, if you can relate to the above situations reading this post may be a good idea!

Do you feel that martial arts training may make your child turn violent and aggressive? Worry no more! Read this article to find out how learning martial arts can aid your child's psychological, physical as well as behavioural development.

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NAKMAS news - archived
  • 18 November 2016: New NAKMAS fully responsive and Google friendly website >Read more
  • 23 March 2016: Statement issued by the NAKMAS National Management Committee in relation to English Karate >Read more
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In the public spotlight: news about NAKMAS and its members

ER Kickboxing Club
Kick-starter, Megan

Kick-starter Megan

Megan achieves grade despite Down's Syndrome

The East Riding Kickboxing Club is proud to announce that Megan (as pictured) achieved her first kickboxing grade, despite Down's Syndome. NAKMAS also shares the proud moment.

East Riding Kickboxing Club is headed by respected Joy Peacock 2nd Dan.

East Riding Kickboxing website is via
East Riding Kickboxing Facebook page is via

Sooyang Do Success
Gordon McIver and Colleen McIver representing Sooyang Do
Aberdeen Sports Awards Sooyang Do Martial Art Success

Sooyang Do is traditional in its adherence to the time honoured virtues of Courtesy, Integrity, Humility and Respect which is reflected in the Sooyang Do motto "Jin Sil" meaning "Truth"

Congratulations to Sooyang Do Martial Art on achieving the Highly Commended award via Aberdeen Sports Awards.

Sooyang Do Martial Art is headed by respected Chief Instructor, Bruce Wood 5th Dan.

Sooyang Do Martial Art website via

MAI Grass Roots
MAI October 2016 issue
NAKMAS: Martial arts for children

NAKMAS highlights the benefits of martial arts within Martial Arts Illustrated (MAI) October 2016 issue

Children from all walks of life and of all ages can benefit from martial arts within the United Kingdom and NAKMAS has put the case over via a four page editorial feature inside the MAI magazine.

Click here to view the editorial via pdf file.

Autism & Martial Arts
By NAKMAS' Director of Operations, Dr Sandra Beale-Ellis 6th Dan
Autism and Martial Arts - By Dr Sandra Beale-Ellis

NAKMAS' Director of Operations, Dr Sandra Beale-Ellis 6th Dan writes about Autism in the Martial Arts.

This book offers a start to finish guide for potential autistic students, their parents and for teachers who are or want to teach students with autism.The book is not about autism theory per se, but is a practical guide aimed at young autistic individuals who want to take up a martial art, but need to know more.

Hardback - ISBN: 978-0-9933142-0-9 - About £12 from Amazon or £10 inclusive via NAKMAS.

Click here to order via NAKMAS or click here to order via Amazon UK.

Click here to view the short Author video via Vimeo.

The double side of Joe Ellis

The double side of the NAKMAS National Chair, Joe Ellis 7th Dan (Karate)

People in Focus met with Joe Ellis some years ago to discuss the English Tea Room Guide that Joe runs. People in Focus thought they would update the editorial by re-interviewing Joe.

Click here to view the editorial via pdf flip file.

Joe Ellis English Tea Room Guide Facebook page is via

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